The truth behind the myths of massage

The truth behind the myths of massage

Wed, 13 May 2020
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The truth behind the myths of massage

The message is known for its healing and relaxing capabilities. However, there are several misconceptions about massages. These myths have taken place in people’s minds and these are making them reluctant to undergo massages even though they want to. If you have also heard about various message myths, then this post will allow you to clear your head!

Here are some common myths about massage and the truth behind them:

Myth 1: The after-effects of massage are temporary

It is believed that the effects of massage are short term and provisional.

Truth: Massage therapy is effective in alleviating pain and in treating specific health conditions. However, its effects are long-lasting! Studies have shown that a single massage session is sufficient to considerably curb “anxiety”, high blood pressure, and pain in the neck as well as back.

Myth 2: All types of massages are the same

You might have heard people saying that all messages are the same and are just hyped for the sake of money.

Truth: This is not true at all! There is a vast variety of massages. Each massage is performed differently and has different effects. Swedish massage generally helps cure the tiredness and soreness of muscles. On the other hand, sports massage is for the athletes and sportspersons as it helps them to cure their injury. Deep tissue massage is like a Swedish massage but is performed with a little more pressure and helps in healing severe pains.

Myth 3: Massage lowers the level of cortisol, a stress hormone in the body

Many people believe that the level of cortisol is lowered by massage.

Truth: In reality, massage just reduces the level of stress and not the cortisol hormone. It reduces both physical and mental stress. It increases relaxation in the body and helps the body reduce stress.

Myth 4: Massage therapy uplifts the immune system and its function

Massage is considered to boost the immune system and it helps in fighting diseases and infections.

Truth: No doubt, massage increases the quality of life. It is solemnly considered for its stress and pain-relieving effects on the body. There is no connection of massage doing miracles of boosting your immune system.

Myth 5: A massage can lead to miscarriage

We might have heard older people saying that massage therapy could cause a miscarriage to pregnant women as it releases some hormones that trigger early labor.

Truth: This can’t be considered to be true. Prenatal massage is specially made for pregnant ladies. It is a safe massage for both baby and the mother. It reduces pregnancy aches, stress, and muscle soreness. Though prenatal massage is not given in the first trimester it can be taken after that.

Myth 6: Massage helps to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled flesh on thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach. It is basically the fat that is deposit beneath the skin.

Truth: The deposition of cellulite is a pretty normal thing just like a pimple on your face. It is a sign of subcutaneous fat cells. It is completely normal to have it on your body. Massage therapy cannot do anything to remove or cure that.

Myth7: Massage therapy is only made for pampering oneself

Massage is considered only as a relaxing and pampering session and nothing more than that.

Truth: No doubt, massage gives a very relaxing feeling to the body, but it has several other benefits. It reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It helps the body to heal from injuries and it lowers blood pressure.

Myth 8: A massage session is successful only if it leaves your body sore the next day

It is believed that your body shows a signal by being sore and puffy the very next day of your massage session.

Truth: It is very normal that your body becomes a bit tender after a deep tissue massage as muscles are exercised. But considering soreness to be the result and indication of a successful massage is not true.

Myth 9: Massage spreads cancer cells

People think that if a person with cancer undergoes a massage, it can further spread cancer to other parts of the body.

Truth: Even if you have a tumor or you are suffering from first stage cancer, there are no chances that it could not spread in your body through a massage. In fact, it is also proven by some of the oncologists that massage can help treat cancer to a little extent.