Promoting Health Through Massage Therapy

Promoting Health Through Massage Therapy

Wed, 24 June 2020
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Promoting Health Through Massage Therapy

In this fast-paced life, we hardly have time for self-care and mindfulness activities. Our clumsy lifestyle has taken a toll on our health. Today, every single person is suffering from some or the other health problems. From a newborn baby to a teenager to an old age person, everyone is facing some health issues.

When it comes to finding the solution to health issues, everyone tends to take different medicines or try different remedies. What if we provide you the permanent solution to your health issues that too without medicines or remedies? Yes, it is possible through massage therapy.

What is massage therapy?

As the name suggests, massage therapy is basically a hands-on technique that includes applying pressure on different pressure points of the body to provide ease to the body. It is one of the oldest healthcare practice which works on the concept of “Vis Medicatrix naturae means “aiding the ability of the body to heal itself”.

For some people, massage is just a means of pampering themselves, but it’s much more than just pampering. Massage therapy can help in maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health.

Massage therapy improves the blood flow and lymph flow, reduces stress or flaccidity, affects the nervous system and heals tissues. It leads to the proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removes waste products from the body.

Massage therapy also induces the process of relaxation which leads to lowering the heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure thereby reducing stress. So, it can be rightly said that massage therapy is a distressing therapy.

In a study, it is found that people suffering from depression that resorted to massage therapy witnessed a reduction in their depression and anxiety along with lower saliva cortisol level, much better than those taking other treatments.

Benefits of Massage therapy

There are numerous benefits of massage. Massage therapy is the solution for numerous health issues like carpal tunnel, sciatica, tension, pregnancy-related pains, varicose veins, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, gout, depression, anxiety insomnia, etc. It works wonders in providing treatment to many medical issues of children as well as adults.

It is even recommended for clinical benefits such as improvement in pulmonary function in asthma patients, for weight gain, for the mental development of premature babies, and for the strengthening of the immune system.

Other benefits include:

  • It reduces stiffness in muscles

  • It relieves spasms

  • Increase the flexibility of joints and limbs and range of motion

  • Eases the movements of joints

  • Induce relaxation and provide relieve from stress

  • Helps in deep and easy breathing

  • Enhances blood circulation and lymph movement

  • Provides relaxation in eyestrains and headache

  • Increases the healing ability of soft tissue to heal in case of pulled muscles or strained tissues.

  • Hampers the formation of scar tissue

  • Provides health and nourishment to epithelial tissue

  • Reduces depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental issues

  • Promotes the feeling of being healthy

  • Promotes physical relaxation

  • Release nerve compressions

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Enhances the connection between mind and body

  • Increases alertness and self-awareness

Different types of Massage

There are many different kinds of massage for different health issues. Let’s have a look at some of the different kind of massage therapies:

  1. Swedish massage

This is the most commonly used massage therapy which includes long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction technique. This is done on Superficial layers of muscles in the direction of blood flow towards the heart along with movements of joints. It provides relaxation, improves circulation, the motion of joints and relieves muscular stress.

  1. Deep tissue massage

This is a special kind of massage for relieving chronic muscular tension. It is performed by using slow strokes, direct pressure and friction towards the grain of the muscles. It is done with high pressure in order to target the deep layers of muscles.

  1. Ayurvedic massage

This massage is entirely different. It uses oils for massage and targets skin rather than muscles. Different oils such as flax seed oil, bringaraj oil, etc, are used in ayurvedic massage.

Closing note

Massage therapy is a complete package of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular massage leads to a very healthy mind and body. If you are tired of trying different remedies and solutions for your health issues, it’s time to give a try to massage therapy.

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