Bamboo Massage and Its Healing Power

Bamboo Massage and Its Healing Power

Wed, 15 July 2020
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We are so much engrossed in the monotony of life and in the hectic schedule that we put stress on our body and mind unknowingly. However, both our minds and our body deserve love and care. This is where massage therapy can prove magical.

The massage is the best way to pamper ourselves as it relaxes our body. Furthermore, it is highly effective in calming our senses. There are different types of massages, but each focuses on healing pains and in relieving the stresses from different parts of the body. Nowadays, a new method of massage is gaining popularity. It is a Bamboo massage. Let’s find out more about this massage type.

What is Bamboo Massage?

Bamboo massage is a contemporary way of providing Swedish or deep tissue massage in which heated bamboo canes are used. Though it is an ancient therapy, it is gaining popularity in recent years. This type of massage is garnering a lot of attention because of its rejuvenating and deep sensational relaxing technique.

In this therapy, the bamboo canes are rolled and kneaded over the body, which helps in healing stress and body clots. The deep massage ensures proper circulation of blood and it stimulates the tissues. Its warming and soothing effect lets you experience extreme serenity. The bamboo massage also works as a psychotherapy treatment in calming the mind. It induces a profound state of relaxation and peace in the body.


Benefits of Bamboo Massage

The bamboo massage has many benefits. Some of them are enlisted below

  1. Relieve back and neck pain: Heating of bamboo and kneading it all over the body, vanishes muscle tension and soreness, which cures muscle and neck pain as it releases pain-relieving effect.

  2. Helps deal with anxiety and depression: Due to its relaxing effect, a deep tissue bamboo massage therapy can help curb stress and depression.

  3. Enhances the quality of sleep and deals with insomnia: A bamboo massage soothes the mind and body. It relieves, which automatically allows people to sleep better with a peaceful mind.

  4. Removes toxins from the body: As heated bamboo is rolled over the skin, it gives a deep tissue massage and removes any kind of toxins and germs from the surface of the body.

  5. Upgrade lymphatic drainage: Using bamboo canes, muscles are stretched, which in turn, increases overall body’s flexibility, lymphatic drainage and even helps in getting rid of toxins.

  6. It also secretes endorphin which works as a natural pain killer: Endorphin is a natural pain killer and is secreted by bamboo. Endorphin kills pain and strengthens muscles.

  7. Cures sports injuries: Being a deep tissue massage, bamboo massage cures muscle and tissue injuries.

  8. Helps in dealing with digestive disorders: Due to lymphatic drainage and removal of excess fluid, it increases digestive tract efficiency and metabolism.

  9. Lessens joint pains: A bamboo massage relieves pain from all over the body and relaxes the joint muscles to cure pain.

Add on advantage

It improves skin tone: A bamboo massage not only relieves pain, but it also improves skin’s tone and its texture. A bamboo plant secretes oil that helps in nourishing the skin. Bamboo extract produces silica, which helps the body to retain all the minerals. It soothes the skin and softens its texture. Bamboo also contains many antioxidants that are used in the treatment of wrinkles.

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In-home massage by soul

Soul offers a varied range of in-home massages from Swedish, ayurvedic to deep tissue massage including the bamboo massage. Amid busy lives, taking out time, and visiting massage centers could be a bit problematic so our in-home massage is the best solution to stroll towards a healthy lifestyle.

Fixing a session with us is very easy, you just have to book an appointment, select a suitable time, and then provide us with the address. Our professional massage therapist will then visit your place with all the necessary equipment and materials. If you are a type of cleanliness freak then this could be your comfort zone because you can use your pillow and sheets which are not used by anyone unlike in the massage center. Our expert therapists are highly-trained to provide ultimate ease. So, book your relaxation session right away!